Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Recap of 2012....

Well I guess the last posting I did was back in April of last year...oops. I guess I haven't been in touch as much as I should be. Sorry. Anyway, since then I've done quite a bit dr myself and I can't believe I didn't post anything from my first NYC group show that was held back in June 7th of 2012 in Chelsea. I suppose as an artist it's the Mecca of showing. But let me say this: just because you've shown in NYC doesn't mean you are a successful artist. It just means that you've shown there that's all. That is definitely one important thing I realized for myself but it doesn't also mean that I wouldn't do it again after all I am an artist and that there are galleries and museums to be exposed to. I had fun on that trip and my brother Ramon even came out to support my endeavor there. Cool stuff. Also that summer I moved to a different studio with my friend Melissa Wagner to a different studio in the Mission called Active Space on 18th and Treat. I've been painting more since I moved in to studios rather than from home. Bothe good and bad I think for their own respective reasons. I'll post some new images somehow as I cannot do it on my iPhone currently. I know, odd right?!

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