Sunday, May 3, 2009

2001/2002 was the time that I wanted to get serious about my art. I started experimenting with different styles and mediums to try to see which worked for me best. I thought doing abstract images was the best way to begin after seeing the Willem DeKooning's "Tracing the Figure" exhibit at the MOCA in Los Angeles in 2001. It was most inspiring to me at the time and still is one of the most impressive exhibits I have seen yet. Yuu can probably see a little influence with the jagged points and loose strokes. Abstract art proved to be more confusing and difficult as one might seem. But I kept on. These early images were produced as going away presents to friends and some even gave donations in return. This gave me a little boost of confidence as I was approaching my last days in Los Angeles to move to San Francisco to pursue art school at CCAC....which I did not end up going....long story.

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