Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Gallery Showings:

2002-"The Brewery" Los Angeles Ca
2004-"Familiar" Pigman Gallery, SF Ca
2005-Zonal Store in Hayes Valley, SF Ca
2005-Dare Stay Late at Great American Music Hall, SF Ca
2005-JR Gallery, Manhattan Beach Ca
2005-Gallery Cafe, SF Ca
2007-Barber Lounge SF, Ca
2008-Barber Lounge SF, Ca
2008-Ritz Carlton Residential, SF Ca
2008-"All for Love" at Oola, SF Ca

Miscellaneous Venues:

Permanent viewing at Oola Restaurant and Bar, SF
Local Kitchen and Wine Merchant, SF
Harlot, SF
Les Amise, SF
Loomis Group, SF

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